The Management

The  group  of  Bappuji  Schools  are  functioning  under    Kerala  Educational Society  bearing  Reg.  No. ER 71/75 .It  has  its  Headquarters  at  Koothattukulam  in  Ernakulum District .The  Society  is  formulated   by  educated  unemployed  youths  of  Kerala. The  Founder  of  the  Society –Shri.K.M.Mathai at  present  decorating the designation  the  General  Manager  of  the  Society.
The  unique  nature  of  the  Society  is  that  all  those  who  are  members of  the  Society  are  working  staff  in  any  of the educational  institutions  under  its  control.  It  means  there  is  no  employee  employer  relationship  in  the  Society. The  most  important  speciality  is  that  more  than  95%  of  the  members  are  ladies.

The main  objectives   of  the  society  are  :-

  1. Impart  employment  opportunities  to  the  educated  youth. 
  2. It  is  functioning  on  self  employment  basis.
  3. Imparting  security  to  the  future  of  the  members  of  the  society  by  implementing  welfare  schemes  to  the  members  like  Members  Welfare  Fund, Members Pension Fund, Members  Insurance  Scheme ,Pension, Family  Pension, Scholar  Ships &  Loan  Facilities  for  the  students  of  the  members  .Various  types of Loan   facilities  for   the members   of  the Society.
  4. Establishing  educational  institutions  through  out  Kerala  to  support   the  aforementioned  objectives    with  much  weight   for  promoting  English  education  in  rural  areas.

The  Society  is  not  availing  any financial  assistance  from  the  Government   or  from  any other  source.  The  fund  for  its  activities  are  raised  from  the  tuition  collected  from  the  students.
The  society  has  a  long  chain  of  educational  institutions  under  the  banner  ‘Group  of  Bappuji  Schools’  through  out  Kerala. It  is  running crèches  (with financial  assistance  from  the  Central  Social  Welfare  Board),nursery  Schools ,L.P.Schools,High Schools  and  Higher Secondary/Senior  Secondary Schools .Each  educational  institution  is  functioning  as  an  independent  unit  in  the  sense  that  the  members  of  the  Society working  in  a particular  unit  should  have  to  raise  adequate   resources  to  meet  all  the  expenses of  the  unit.  The  Members  of  the  particular  unit  can   draw Honorarium   for  each  month.

Details  -Bappuji  Group  of  Educational  Institutions
Eleven  Bappuji  Creche Units  in  the  districts  of  Kottayam ,Ernakulam  & Idukki.
A  long  chain  of  Bappuji Nursery  Schools  throughout  Kerala.
Twelve Bappuji  (L.P.Schools) in  various  districts  of  Kerala.

Our  High  Schools  &  Higher  Secodary/Senior  Secondary  School

  1. Bappuji Higher  Secondary  School(State Syllabus) Koothattukulam,Ernakulam
  2. Bappuji Senior Secondary .School , Parli,Palakkad.
  3. Bappuji Central School, Peruva,Kottayam .
  4.  Bappuji Public School, Vazhithala,Idukki
  5.  Bappuji  Public School , Elivali,Kottayam
  6.  Bappuji CBSE School, Koothattukulam,Ernakulam.

The  Society  has  a  Board  of  Directors  consisting  of  eleven  members  elected  from  amoung the members  of  the  Society. The Term  of office  is  for  3  years .
Our  members  of  the  Board  of  directors

  1. Aniamma P.J(Chairman)
  2. Indira K.N,  (Deputy  Chairman)
  3. Mary Samuel(Board  Member)
  4. P. Santhamma Joseph(Board  Member)
  5. Swapna N. Nair, (Board  Member)
  6. Mumthas Beegom J, (Board  Member)
  7. Remadevi Antherjanam T.K, (Board  Member)
  8. Leela Kumary  .P(Board  Member)
  9. Salomy  Thomas, (Board  Member)

The  Society  has  celebrated  its  Silver  Jubilee  in  the  year  2000  and  it  has  a  golden  history  of  its  own  to cherish  for  ever.


A team of enthusiastic and energetic personalities are behind the progress and development of the school.

1. Swapna . N. Nair                                                  Head of the Institution
2. P. M. Sasi                                                              PTA President
3. Benny Kurian                                                       PTA,Member
4. Shini George                                                        Teacher of the school
5. Mary Samuel                                                       Teacher of the school
6. Breezy George Arackal                                     Member out of panel
7. Aniamma P.J                                                        Nominated by the management
8. V.A Kuriachan                                                      Nominated by the management
9. P Santhamma Joseph                                       Nominated by the management

The group of Bappuji Schools are functioning under Kerala Educational Society bearing Reg. No. ER 71/75 .It has its Headquarters at Koothattukulam in Ernakulum District .The Society is formulated by educated unemployed youths of Kerala. The Founder of the Society –Shri.K.M.Mathai at present decorating..
Bappuji Public School, Vazhithala P.O, Kottayam
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