Our school following C.B.S.E syllabus with Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE).  B P S provides the facility of teaching K G to X standards. Students study Maths, English, EVS (a combination of science, history and geography), and Second Language.Class 1, 2, 3 and 4 are the foundation years of education, where various skills, preferences and abilities are developed. Development of language acquisition is also of primary focus.

Our teachers spot the talents of each student, encouraging them to utilize their potential and thereby embedding in them the courage and willpower to face any obstacles. Regular assignments are designed to reinforce daily lessons which begin at the primary level that is structured to mould the student's study habits, sense of responsibility and time management skills.

CBSE Affliation
Affiliated to the CBSE, New Delhi (CBSE Affiliation: CBSE/Aff./930649, provisional affiliation), we follow a system of continuous evaluation that covers both the scholastic and non-scholastic aspects of student’s growth.  We have classes from 1 to X.

Our curriculum adds qualitative content beyond the prescribed syllabus; maximises students’ progress in intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical, cultural and artistic fields; emphasizes activity-based and experiential learning and focuses on self-exploration and learning through co-scholastic activities and frequent educational outings.  Ours is a consciously and thoughtfully designed all-inclusive curriculum.

We seek to develop in our students the ability to think beyond the boundaries of the classroom walls, the text in the books and the exam marks.  In fact the objective is to shape a child’s mind to learn not just for the grade he is in, but to learn for life.

Right from the start to the secondary level, the goal is to promote need based learning of not just the standard subjects but also life skills like value education, fitness, etiquette and team work.

Evaluation is based on comprehensive assessment of performance throughout the year.  The various fields are class response, lab activity and project work, participation in cultural activities, personality, response and sensitivity to environmental and social issues.

First Term : from June to August/September.
Second Term : from October/March Holidays.

In each term Formative Assessments are conducted which includes a variety of activities.
Special allowances are also extended as per the need to lessen the burden of the child, in consultation with Special educators, Special schools and CBSE . The Students Counsellor and the Special Educator are the twosome responsible for the proper conduct and management of resource room activities.

School Timing :9.30 AM .to . 3.30 PM.

Co-Curricular Activities
The school offers a wide range of opportunities for Co-curricular activities. Infrastructure is available to practice Football , Shuttle Badminton and skating. Field Events and Track Events are practiced  which helps them in keeping physically fit. Chess is also taught and students take part in competition enabling them to be mentally fit. The Dance Club imparts training in classical as well as folk dances of India. The students display their talents during each celebrations in this school. Accomplished teachers provide a carefully - configured training in Karate and Yoga.

Enrolment Details
Admission, for both Boys and Girls without any discrimination on the basis of Caste and creed.Age for admission is six years. Documents to be submitted at the time of admission are

  1. Original Birth Certificate
  2. Original T.C, Marklists and Conduct Certificate from the previous School.

The students are liable to abide by the rules and regulations herein. Parents are requested to do their part to inculcate the spirit of responsibility to abide by the rules and regulations of the school by their ward. On violation of the rules, the Principal may require the Parents to withdraw his/her ward, in case he/she is found unfit for the school with regard to his/her character and dealings or incapable of any improvement as far as academic performance is concerned.

The child seeks admission to L.K.G, should have completed 3.5 years before academic term begins in June. The child will be re-admitted to standard I if only the child is found intellectually sound enough to follow the curriculum and syllabus of the school. The caliber of the child as well as the co- operation of the parents with the school will be duly evaluated before being admitted to C.B.S.E syllabus. The decision of the Principal/Manager will be final in this regard.

Section wise enrolment of school for the
Current session
Class Section Enrolment
  I-V 5
  VI-VIII 3 80
  IX-X 2 53
Academic session period June to March
Vacation period April to May
Admission period June to May
The group of Bappuji Schools are functioning under Kerala Educational Society bearing Reg. No. ER 71/75 .It has its Headquarters at Koothattukulam in Ernakulum District .The Society is formulated by educated unemployed youths of Kerala. The Founder of the Society –Shri.K.M.Mathai at present decorating..
Bappuji Public School, Vazhithala P.O, Kottayam
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